Thursday, July 10, 2008

Robert Murraine vs. Philip Chbeeb - a dance off?!

Well, after posting the first season of The IT Crowd, I decided to take a small break before going on to the second season. During this break, I decided to provide some more entertaining videos, but this time, it's in the way of dancing!

Over the past few weeks, I have been watching the popular tv show called "So You Think You Can Dance?" This season they have some absolutely great dancers, but my favorite dance genres include popping, b-boys, and "the robot" haha. This brings me to my favorite dancer of all time, Robert Murraine aka Mr. Fantastic. He auditioned this year, and absolutely blew the judges away (and myself for that matter!)

One of the best poppers/robotics I have ever seen, here is his audition video.

As usual with my videos, here's the direct link incase the embedded version doesn't work.

This was absolutely amazing. he made it through to Vegas, but then decided to bow out of the competition because he couldnt do anything but his own style. obviously! BUT!!! they brought him back last week to dance on the show, and blew me and the judges away AGAIN. here's that video... genius.
Embedding has been disabled for this video, so just follow the link...

Now, at the end of that video, they mention having a dance off between him and Philip Chbeeb, coincidentally one of my other favorite dancers that I've ever seen. Here is his audition from LAST year, and his audition from THIS year. he has gotten better, and a bit more ghetto, over the 1 year break.

Last year

Direct Link -

This year

Direct link -

He made it to Vegas this year, but then when the Vegas shows started, I didn't see him anywhere, so I have no idea what happened. I would LOVE to see a dance off between the 2 of these guys though... it would be absolutely amazing. Hats off to both of them!


KW said...

I think I should get in on this battle too - I have a video of my dancing:

Too bad you can't really see any of it.

David Oblas said...

hahaha you were crypt walking... nice. how drunk were you that night? too bad the video is so dark... woulda been nice to laugh a little more in the light!