Thursday, September 18, 2008

The IT Crowd - Season 2 Episode 4

Yikes it's been awhile!! Ok, onto the next episode... we're now at the 4th episode of 6 in the second season.

Season 2 - Episode 4 - "The Dinner Party"
Jen and her new boyfriend, Peter File, are hosting a dinner party for six of their single friends. However all of the men are unable to come at the last minute and Jen invites Roy, Moss, and Richmond to take their places. Moss pairs up with the first of the three single female friends, and the two of them inadvertently start acting as if they're married. Richmond unexpectedly hits it off with the second of Jen's friends. And Roy learns that the third friend was once a model, but her face is presently obscured by bandages. As such, Roy can't tell if she's still as beautiful as she used to be, which affects his decision about whether or not to ask her out.

This is a good episode for Richmond! He's a great character!

Good quotes:
"Oh is that the end of the story? AWWWW"
"Nutjobs... I hope you're not referring to me!"
"Look normal.... more normal.... RELAX!"
"Hello how are you... oo I'm a fish... help I'm being eaten!"
"Who's a pedophile?"
"They say pedophile in America"
"We've all changed Margaret.... we all have"

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The IT Crowd - Season 2 Episode 3

Time for another update... (c:

Season 2 - Episode 3 - "Moss and the German"
Moss tries to liven up his life by enrolling in a German cookery course. It turns out that the German is actually a cannibal seeking someone willing to be eaten (a parody of the Armin Meiwes incident) and the advertisement contained some fairly important translation errors. Meanwhile, Roy is trying to watch a pirated DVD, and after a couple of failed attempts volunteers to be the German cannibal's next meal in order to watch it on his impressively large home entertainment system. In a separate subplot, Jen, now a smoker again, finds the company smoking area reminiscent to the atmosphere of a Communist regime (in a parody of bleak and melodramatic Dr Zhivago-style films).

my youtube is acting weird right now (and yes, I tried turning it off and back on again, and yes, it's definitely plugged in...), so I am unable to watch the clips to put up some quotes! but here are the clips for you to watch, and hopefully you aren't having the same problem as me.

Quotes (that I remember):
"And then steal it AGAIN!!"
"There's somebody at the door.... there's somebody at the door..."
"You're my wife, Roy, you're my wife!" - I think that's this episode, I apologize if I'm wrong!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The IT Crowd - Season 2 Episode 2

Well, there's not much that can top that last episode, and although the rest of the season isn't as great as the first episode, they are still just as good if not better than the first season! Here's a look at the next episode! This is another great episode for Roy... his scene in the Church is HILARIOUS!!

Season 2 - Episode 2 - "Return of the Golden Child"
Roy buys a new mobile phone with lots of features, but a weak vibrate setting, so Moss offers to "pimp it out" for him, where he sets the vibrate setting up so high that they decide to put it in their pants and let it vibrate for fun. At the same time, Moss is subjecting Roy to an online quiz about his general health and well being, which tells him he is going to die Thursday at 3pm. When Denholm commits suicide during a meeting, his funeral is set for Thursday at 3pm. Before the funeral, Denholm's successor reveals that he despises the IT department and wants nothing more than to fire them. Moments before Denholm's successor goes through with his termination of the IT department, Denholm's estranged son—and rightful successor—Douglas (Matt Berry) bursts into the funeral and takes over the company, thereby saving their jobs and firing Denholm's original successor. The episode ends with Roy and Moss giving Douglas Roy's phone, and having him let it vibrate in his pants (which takes him "almost to the station").

Quotes you ask? well sure...
Moss drops the F-bomb in this episode! - just a warning! (great quote for it tho)
"40 a day? That's 146,002 a decade... presuming there's 2 leap years"
"I totally PIMPED your phone girlfriend!"
"I'm not putting it up to 8 Moss, it'll blow my C*** off!"
"Sorry for your loss. Move on."

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The IT Crowd - SEASON 2!!! (episode 1)

Well, after a long break, it's now time to post the Season 2 episodes of The IT Crowd. This season is just as good as the first season, but what I like about these videos is that we finally get to watch the whole opening sequence. It has a hilarious animation of our 3 favorite characters bashing a computer, and it looks like an old video game (which I currently can't remember the name).

So lets get things started...

Season 2 - Episode 1 "The Work Outing"
When Jen is asked to the theatre for a date, Moss and Roy invite themselves along, then make her doubt the heterosexuality of her date. She wonders further when the play turns out to be a production of "Gay! - A Gay Musical", during which Moss and Roy are mistaken for a couple during the audience participation segment. At intermission, neither Roy nor Moss are able to use the toilets because of an attendant, so they use the disabled and staff facilities (respectively) and are forced to adopt appropriate identities when caught. In the end, Jen confronts her date about his heterosexuality because of the play they just saw, and he tries to cover it up by saying you don't have to be gay to like a gay musical. However, when Jen mentions how he wanted to read a copy of Heat, he then buckles and comes out about his homosexuality, saying he hoped a relationship with Jen would work because she looked like a man.

This, in my opinion, is one of the funniest episodes that they made. There is a couple of pure laugh out loud moments, especially towards the end. It's a great watch! (c:

I'm going to skip that good quotes today, but next time I'll include them again! BUT... as you may know, most of my quotes from last season were from Moss, but this episode I really think Roy has taken the top marks. He has some hilarious lines and situations, I think every quote I put on here would have been from him! (c:

ok just one - "I'm Disabled!"

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Robert Murraine vs. Philip Chbeeb - a dance off?!

Well, after posting the first season of The IT Crowd, I decided to take a small break before going on to the second season. During this break, I decided to provide some more entertaining videos, but this time, it's in the way of dancing!

Over the past few weeks, I have been watching the popular tv show called "So You Think You Can Dance?" This season they have some absolutely great dancers, but my favorite dance genres include popping, b-boys, and "the robot" haha. This brings me to my favorite dancer of all time, Robert Murraine aka Mr. Fantastic. He auditioned this year, and absolutely blew the judges away (and myself for that matter!)

One of the best poppers/robotics I have ever seen, here is his audition video.

As usual with my videos, here's the direct link incase the embedded version doesn't work.

This was absolutely amazing. he made it through to Vegas, but then decided to bow out of the competition because he couldnt do anything but his own style. obviously! BUT!!! they brought him back last week to dance on the show, and blew me and the judges away AGAIN. here's that video... genius.
Embedding has been disabled for this video, so just follow the link...

Now, at the end of that video, they mention having a dance off between him and Philip Chbeeb, coincidentally one of my other favorite dancers that I've ever seen. Here is his audition from LAST year, and his audition from THIS year. he has gotten better, and a bit more ghetto, over the 1 year break.

Last year

Direct Link -

This year

Direct link -

He made it to Vegas this year, but then when the Vegas shows started, I didn't see him anywhere, so I have no idea what happened. I would LOVE to see a dance off between the 2 of these guys though... it would be absolutely amazing. Hats off to both of them!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The IT Crowd BLOOPERS!! (season 1, eps. 1-6)

Hello Fans!

Assuming you've all watched all 6 parts of the first season, I know give you the blooper real! The Richmond bloopers are by far my favorite, and I think it brings a lot more to his character than the dark gloomy goth... Absolutely hilarious.

If you haven't watched all 6 episodes, I recommend watching them first, but this video won't ruin any of them for you, so whatever you choose!

And of course, here's the direct link to the video incase the embedded version doesn't work for you...

Monday, June 23, 2008

The IT Crowd (part 6)

Part 6!!! Wowsers! This is the final episode of the first season. As usual, if you're reading this post, and you havent watched the previous 5 episodes of The IT Crowd, you have to go back to the start, do not collect $200. You just won't understand everything!

So what would an episode be without some great quotes that don't really say anything about the episode, but are sometimes the best quotes ever! Who am I to take that away from you people? (you people you...)

"The toilet cleaners!! They said we couldn't do it!!"
"How would I get on her nerves??"
"When I had the baby, I look down and saw that it was my father!"
"Smarties cereal........."
"oh noooooo!!!!"


Episode 6 - "Aunt Irma Visits"
Jen's menstrual cycle (nicknamed Aunt Irma) has unexpected consequences for the office, with her colleagues all directly suffering from the associated effects. After Moss sends an email about it to everyone he knows in the IT Community it incites "Aunt Irma" riots and disturbances throughout the world. It's decided that the only cure is to have a big "girly night in" with scented candles, and watching the movie Steel Magnolias, but they are obliged to go to the company "Thank-You" party, where they get incredibly drunk.

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