Thursday, September 18, 2008

The IT Crowd - Season 2 Episode 4

Yikes it's been awhile!! Ok, onto the next episode... we're now at the 4th episode of 6 in the second season.

Season 2 - Episode 4 - "The Dinner Party"
Jen and her new boyfriend, Peter File, are hosting a dinner party for six of their single friends. However all of the men are unable to come at the last minute and Jen invites Roy, Moss, and Richmond to take their places. Moss pairs up with the first of the three single female friends, and the two of them inadvertently start acting as if they're married. Richmond unexpectedly hits it off with the second of Jen's friends. And Roy learns that the third friend was once a model, but her face is presently obscured by bandages. As such, Roy can't tell if she's still as beautiful as she used to be, which affects his decision about whether or not to ask her out.

This is a good episode for Richmond! He's a great character!

Good quotes:
"Oh is that the end of the story? AWWWW"
"Nutjobs... I hope you're not referring to me!"
"Look normal.... more normal.... RELAX!"
"Hello how are you... oo I'm a fish... help I'm being eaten!"
"Who's a pedophile?"
"They say pedophile in America"
"We've all changed Margaret.... we all have"

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