Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The IT Crowd - Season 2 Episode 2

Well, there's not much that can top that last episode, and although the rest of the season isn't as great as the first episode, they are still just as good if not better than the first season! Here's a look at the next episode! This is another great episode for Roy... his scene in the Church is HILARIOUS!!

Season 2 - Episode 2 - "Return of the Golden Child"
Roy buys a new mobile phone with lots of features, but a weak vibrate setting, so Moss offers to "pimp it out" for him, where he sets the vibrate setting up so high that they decide to put it in their pants and let it vibrate for fun. At the same time, Moss is subjecting Roy to an online quiz about his general health and well being, which tells him he is going to die Thursday at 3pm. When Denholm commits suicide during a meeting, his funeral is set for Thursday at 3pm. Before the funeral, Denholm's successor reveals that he despises the IT department and wants nothing more than to fire them. Moments before Denholm's successor goes through with his termination of the IT department, Denholm's estranged son—and rightful successor—Douglas (Matt Berry) bursts into the funeral and takes over the company, thereby saving their jobs and firing Denholm's original successor. The episode ends with Roy and Moss giving Douglas Roy's phone, and having him let it vibrate in his pants (which takes him "almost to the station").

Quotes you ask? well sure...
Moss drops the F-bomb in this episode! - just a warning! (great quote for it tho)
"40 a day? That's 146,002 a decade... presuming there's 2 leap years"
"I totally PIMPED your phone girlfriend!"
"I'm not putting it up to 8 Moss, it'll blow my C*** off!"
"Sorry for your loss. Move on."

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