Friday, October 26, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Well it's the Friday before Halloween, and all the little (and big) kiddies are getting in the mood for a lot of candy! Usually I have a pretty good costume for this holiday, but this year I wasn't quite creative at all... I pretty much dressed like myself!

Work Related Stuff

Ahh another day in the basement... (to quote Gail, the crazy red-head next to me). Today we had our Halloween party @ work. I haven't mentioned the people I work with yet, so I'll do that now. Kathryn is my boss, she's great and has a massive love for Huskies (me too!). Gail is the crazy red-head next to me, she has probably been working here too long for her own good, but she's hilarious. Kevin is our intern, he came to us at the end of the summer and will be staying with us until the end of November. Hopefully he sticks around after that! That's all of the web team. Small team, close team, great website.

So anyway, back to Halloween. Kathryn, Gail and Kevin all dressed up like me!! Blue collared shirt and khaki pants. That's my daily outfit, and it has been dubbed as the "web uniform". There are pictures, but I can't upload them yet!

Personal Life Stuff

Tonight all the little trick-or-treaters are coming around in my neighborhood! Kristi (my girlfriend) and I are going to be handing out candy at our door, where we will have 4 awesomely carved pumpkins hanging out. Pictures of the pumpkins and trick-or-treaters to come later!

Video Games

Well now, let me tell you a little about this joystick I just got!! YEESH! I go over to Gail's house once in awhile to play Battlefield 1942 with her husband Bill and a bunch of other guys. Well these guys are ridiculous with the flying of the planes, and of course I'm horrible because I use a mouse and keyboard. Well one guy left his joystick there, SO I NABBED IT! Holy cow, its so much easier now! Now I'm doing barrel rolls and flips and corkscrews... it's great!!

Working Out

My arms hurt. That's all I have to say about that.

Random Thought

How do they get the caffeine out of coffee beans to make De-caf?? I dunno!

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Haicooo said...

Can't wait to see the photos!!! Great blog!