Monday, October 29, 2007

And it's Monday again...

Well, back to work... This weekend went too quick!

Work Related Stuff

Today we trained a few people on how to use the CMA, so they can manage their own content on It went great! It was fast, easy, and they completely understood what was being asked of them! Other than that, it was just another day as a web producer.

Today while browsing the internet at work, I came across 2 strange conditions that I believe I have:
  • Photophobia - an experience of discomfort (not a fear) in the eyes due to exposure to bright lights. Curse these blue eyes. I always thought I was part vampire... guess I'm wrong! )c:
  • Photic Sneeze Reflex - a medical condition where people sneeze when exposed to bright lights, and also sneeze many times consecutively. (may also make you sneeze when chewing REALLY strong mint gum - right dad??) Whenever I feel a sneeze that wont come out, I just look at the sun!

Here's a picture from the other day when everyone dressed up as me for Halloween.

From left to right, its Kevin (the Intern), Kathryn, Gail, and me. Notice the trademark blue shirt and khaki pants.

Personal Life Stuff

Friday's trick-or-treating was a bust, it rained, so they delayed it until Saturday night. We got maybe 30 kids to the door, and some were like 15-18 year olds not wearing costumes, so we sprayed them with a hose instead of giving them any candy. No costume, no treats. That's our policy, and we're sticking to it!

Here's some pictures of our pumpkins, First pic has all 4 of our pumpkins, second pic has my Husky pumpkin, and third pic has my Mean Man pumpkin. Kristi's pumpkins are also featured in the first picture.

Video Games

Apparently Guitar Hero 3 sneaked up on me (sneaked? snuck?), I thought it was coming out NEXT week! So I wasn't able to buy it yet, but debating whether to get it for my Wii, or for the PS2 (that we don't really have). Kevin already got it, so I'm looking forward to details from him before I buy it myself, even though it's inevitable that I will have it.

Working Out

Goin to the gym after work today!

Random Thought

Salami Salami Bologna.


Kristi said...

WE may not have a PS2, but arn't YOU thinking about buying one, or a PS3? I remember you saying that at walmart. :)

lynn oblas said...

hey web master! great web site!!! very informative!

KW said...

weird...i was thinking about salami and bologna too!

David Oblas said...

update!! just got Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii last night, further news will be coming later today in a new blog!