Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I finally have time to post again!!

WELL! It's certainly been awhile since I posted in my blog. A lot has happened since my last post!

Work Related Stuff

So for the past few days I have been working on the LVPG website. If you clicked on that link, that means that you got to see the OLD LVPG website, which in my opinion, is awful. I can't show you the new one, cuz its still in the makings, but eventually that link will change itself to the new site!

Aside from that, it's been nothing but work around here.

Wait! I lie! Last week, Tuesday after work, we went around to everyone's cubicles and Webbed them! You know that fancy web stuff that people put on their shrubs and walls and whatnot for Halloween. We used it on everyone's chairs and cubicles. It was fun (c:

Personal Life Stuff

I took a day off yesterday, which was great may I add. Kristi and I went to the mall to look at the new Apple store, I'm thinking of getting an iPhone... not sure yet though.

Video Games / Electronic Stuff

It has been decided that my "video game" section is going to be changed to "Electronic Stuff" so that I can cover all the movies that I watch as well as video games.

Anywho, as for video games, the night after my last blog post, I went and bought Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii. GREAT and ADDICTING game! Only problem is that they haven't made any controllers yet other than the one that comes with the game! Soooo if you want to play 2 player, one of you has to either go rebuy the game for 90 bucks or use the Wii remote! eww!
Yesterday I also bought
Lego Star Wars which is absolutely hilarious. I accidentally cut up C-3PO!! he was hoppin around on 1 leg with no arms at one point... poor guy.

As for movies, I recently watched Wild Hogs... not too bad. I also just bought Clerks and Clerks 2, neither of which I have seen yet, but I'm a fan of the series.

Random Thought

I wish I had a dog... Klee Kais look fun (c: mini husky!


Gail Pitsko said...

iPhone? Guitar Hero? I think we're paying you too much. And what did you buy Kristi? Girl, make him show you the Benjamin's! I still think my idea for Kayak Hero (comes with an oar, fan for wind effect and spray bottle of mist) or Tambourine Hero (comes with a tambourine and collection of Stevie Nicks songs) will make us alot of money. I just don't have time to get it started now that I'm taking hanggliding lessons (are there two g's in that word?). Don't forget about game night next Friday.

Kristi said...

Guitar Hero 3 is fun.... but it's more fun with the guitar than with the controller. I should know, Dave made me use it so we could play cooperatively to get more songs!!! Hahaha