Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Music Sucks

Yeah, that's right... you heard me. Christmas Music Sucks. And it really shouldn't be played before Thanksgiving. Stores this year have been playing Christmas music since November 1st. Just wrong. Anywho... life's been pretty smooth these days, lots of work, lots of play, yadda yadda yadda, I'm really tired today. I'm very succinct.
Onward and Upward!

Work Related Stuff

That's about it. It's almost done actually!! (c:

Here at LVH, a 2007 Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For, we take our work very seriously. Today I put a binder clip on the back of Gail's shirt at around 3:15. she left @ 5, and I forgot to tell her that I put it there... so she will probably go home and find it on her shirt and right away know something is afoot. Then she will read this blog, and that will be the give away. I will not tell her, she will have to read this blog.

Personal Life Stuff

Well, I don't have to go to Kristi's banquet... yay! Instead we get to go to Gail's on Friday night!
Kristi had this brilliant idea that we should cook dinner for my parents once a week... I will say nothing more about it. So speaking of Christmas music, Gail just brought in a CD of Disco Christmas music today. It ALMOST makes them bearable, but not quite.

Electronic Stuff

Well I have beaten "Episode 1" of the Lego Star Wars game. its still hilarious. I'm up to set #5 on EXPERT in Guitar Hero 3, even though I can't beat the last 4 songs on Hard...
Hopefully tomorrow Jeremy can come join us in playing Battlefield 1942 @ Gail & Bill's house, apparently there will be a lot of people there, and it's a bachelor party for Nate... should be interesting!

Working Out

I wish the gym was open later than 9pm... AND I wish they had a website that I could link to!

Random Thought

I found my old yo-yo yesterday (c: Maybe I'll try to learn some tricks.


KW said...

I expect to see "Double Gerbil" and "Buddha's Revenge" on Monday.

Gail said...

I found that binder clip on the back of my jacket! I know exactly how to get even. The next time Dave has a hunk of beef stuck in his front teeth after lunch, guess who won't be telling him! Sweet!