Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Like always, Monday has wrapped up to be quite un-impressive. Just an all out snore-fest. I was almost about to pull a George Costanza and take a nap under my desk. Empty calories and male curiosity...

Work Related Stuff

Last week, to finish out our lovely week here at our Fortune 100 company Lehigh Valley Hospital, we decided to go to Teppan Hibachi. So we rounded up the web troops, and dragged our good friends Josh and Matt along from over at Standing Stone Media. We had fun, but nobody got any soy sauce spilled on them. Very disappointing, Kevin. So that's 6 orders of Hibachi Chicken?

(Left to right- Matt, Josh, Gail, Kevin, Me. Kathryn not in picture)

Personal Life Stuff

This weekend went well! I went to Kristi's home in Sunbury, we went shopping w/ her mom, and I forgot my wallet... so I couldnt buy anything... )c:
Then it started snowing on Sunday, so we took her dog out to play!! Poo Bear loves the snow! When we finally came in, Poo Bear just sat at our feet, looking at the door and whining. Yeah, what a tough life...

Electronic Stuff

Friday we had game night over at Gail and Bill's. GREAT game night! There was 16-17 guys there playing and 2 or 3 more guys watching. We had it catered, some salad, and lasagna. everyone brought some sort of drink, and one guy even cooked up some fun stuff for us!! We played until about 1am, and then Kristi was tired, so we left.

Working Out

I'm a slacker! (c:

Random Thought

Try to find your house on It's addicting!

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