Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger is dead?!

So apparently Heath Ledger was found dead today, in a possible drug-related death... Go figure. That's what all the actors seem to die of these days. It would be great if we could hear of one dying of old age once in awhile, but the problem with that is that by the time they reach an old age, everyone has already forgotten about them!

But seriously now, I always liked Heath Ledger as an actor, mostly in Patriot, and Lords of Dogtown. I never saw brokeback mountain, and I probably never will (blah blah blah go away).

He's officially my second favorite Australian to die in recent years, behind the infamous Steve Irwin of course. Croikie!


KW said...

Dave...don't lie...you've been trying to push me to watch brokeback mountain with you for a while now.

David Oblas said...

Well, yeah, thats because I know that someone like you could appreciate a movie like that! Didn't you say it reminded you of some home movies of yours?? (c: