Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How do I login?!

Man, I almost forgot how to login to this blog! haha...

Well, seeing as it's a new year, I figure maybe I'll just randomize the posts from here on out and see how it goes. One day you might get a story to read, another day you might get a video to watch, and another day you might just get a few pictures. Who knows!!

Today, I'm going to post a video. Leeroy Jenkins is a character that someone made in the popular game World of Warcraft. This is the famous video of him and his guild going into a battle. His guild is planning out the attack while Leeroy is AFK (away from keyboard) apparently getting some chicken. When Leeroy returns, he runs into the battle leaving his guildmates behind in brief stunned silence before chasing after him. Many think he did this just to make fun of nerd-filled guilds who spend days planning out attacks, but others think he is just an idiot pot-head. You be the judge!


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